Building Facilities

Hospitals, Medical Centres,  Food Production, Hotels, Schools, Universities, Aged Care Homes, Shops, Offices, Apartments, Gyms, Playgrounds,Meeting Rooms, Theatres, Lecture Rooms,


Buses, trains airplanes, cruise ships, rental cars, depot stations, subways, ambulances, fire engines, police cars,  helicopters, trucks, vans, taxis, limousines, ambulance, boats, 

Public Spaces

Public Squares, Assembly Area, Common Areas, Libraries, Toilets, Building Entrances, Elevators, Escalators, Atriums, Lobbies, Playgrounds, Stadiums, Sports Centres, Laneways, Train Stations, Bus Stations

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Industrial Grade Sanitation and decontamination

Virus and Bacteria elimination 

Covid Prevention

Wash and sterilize
hands regularly
Practice Social Distancing
Stay and Work
from home


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